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Working with Government Agencies

Most pastors and Building Teams get really frustrated dealing with government agencies at the city, county and state levels.

People from all over the United States say, “Okay Brad, now you’ve got to understand. You know this is Garden City, Kansas. This is a tough place with the Building Department and the Planning Department; it’s not going to be a cake walk.” Well friends, I have to tell you, I learned how to develop churches in California; and if you can do it in California, you can do it anywhere. Trust me. Dealing with Lenexa, Kansas or Garden City, Kansas is a walk in the park.

If you think that your city, county or jurisdiction is difficult, let me let me give you a word of encouragement. The most difficult place on planet Earth to get any kind of approval for any church or any other project is Boulder, Colorado. Now if you live anywhere other than Boulder, you’re going to have to settle for number two, because Boulder is the undisputed Grand Champion of difficult places to build churches. Isn’t that good news?

One of the keys to eliminating a lot of frustration is for you to understand the process. City employees are like everybody else. They want to do a good job, they want to make sure every box is checked, every T is crossed, every I is dotted, they want to keep their job.

There is a well-defined process on how you go about starting an initial concept review meeting with the Planning Department all the way through your final occupancy permit. To help you with that, I have put together an e-book: “Understanding and Working with Government Agencies”. You can download it from our website. In this book, I’ll walk you through step by step: where to start—from walking into City Hall and asking, “Where’s the Planning Department,” to neighborhood meetings, use permits and conditional use permits, zoning and reclassification of property, what to expect when you attend Planning Department Hearings to appearing in City Council Hearings, working with Public Works, the Fire Department, as well as working with the Building Department. This e-book will help you have a successful project that’s completed in a timely manner.

Understanding how the system works, moving though the project to completion will be much easier. This e-book will save you a lot of frustration. Remember what Solomon taught: seek wisdom, look for knowledge. After you download the e-book, go ahead and download the book: Making Room to Make Disciples.

Let me help you with your project. Call me at 719-439-3019. I look forward to hearing from you.

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