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OASTER Development, LLC provides growing churches with a comprehensive suite of church building services – all of which are based on proven principles of success. We understand the challenges of taking on a church renovation or church building project. With our full team of church designers, church building contractors, and 35 years of experience, OASTER Development, LLC is uniquely qualified to guide and direct your church towards a successful outcome.


Strategic Planning

A Strategic Ministry Plan is a management tool used for one purpose only: to help your church to be more effective when ministering its people and community. A Strategic Ministry Plan (SMP) helps to focus your energy and resources and to ensure that everyone in the church works toward the same goal(s).


Land Acquisition

How do churches compete with commercial and residential developers for prime real estate? Land values continue to escalate often putting the best locations out of the financial reach of most churches. To win at this game, you simply change the rules! Learn more about church development and church building services.


Architectural Services

At OASTER, we know that the right development team can make or break a church’s project. For that reason, we closely work with our architects, designers, contractors, along with church leaders and staff to determine the right delivery method for your project. Whether it is design/bid/build, design/build, project management, general church building contractors or a lump sum bid, we can help!


Finance & Fund Raising

At OASTER, we encourage our ministry partners to pay cash for their church building projects whenever possible – and an effective fundraising campaign can make this possible. By partnering with the best companies, we can assure our partners of a successful campaign. If the church must borrow, we work with the top church lending organizations in the country and work aggressively to negotiate the very best in interest rates and terms.


Construction Related Services

Singer Paul Simon once wrote a song titled 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. In the construction industry, there are 50 ways to overcharge your church. For this reason, OASTER provides Christian ministries with project management services to oversee the church design process, church building phase and final completion and move in. By doing so, we assure church leadership and staff that they will receive what they pay for.


Income Producing Opportunities

Good stewardship demands we make the most out of the assets God has granted us. At OASTER, we partner with industry experts to use the facility and develop numerous income streams that will pay the mortgage, insurance and utilities for the church so that our ministry partners can stay focused, on mission and free from financial hassles.


At OASTER Development, LLC we offer our ministry partners a single source solution to all their church development, design, finance and construction needs. With OASTER, you get a church development and building expert with 35 years’ experience, over 250 completed projects and national exposure to cutting edge ministries. In fact, five of the top ten fastest growing churches in America have utilized our services in the development of their facilities. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

To learn more about the construction process, watch our informative church development video blogs!

Oaster Development is uniquely qualified to serve your ministry, regardless of your current size.

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If you are currently meeting in a school or other temporary facility, we can help you develop your own facility regardless of your current financial situation. Call us today and let’s get started.


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When it comes to designing state of the art ministries, results speak louder than words. Pastors who lead with a vision know what works, and what doesn’t. In today’s rapidly changing environment, church leaders are unsure of the best, most effective way to position their ministry, build their brand, and promote their ministries and services to their surrounding communities.

So, while strategies and tactics are continually evolving, strategic planning is more important than ever. Whether planning your ministry style or looking for church building services, always seek out the most experienced and most knowledgeable person or firm you can find. This is where we shine.

Our strategic planning and facility design processes are customized to specifically grow visionary churches into insanely great ministries. With a mixture of just the right research, collaboration, creativity and experience, our unique and creative designs set up our ministry partners on the right path for achieving their most important goals. For the past 35 years, our process as worked consistently for customers – and we promise it will for you as well! Call us today.

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