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Step 2 in your Church Building – Land Acquisition

Today we want to talk about Step 2 of ’10 Easy Steps to Church Building and Design Development’. These steps will show you how to get you out of your temporary facility and into a permanent church building. Or maybe you have outgrown your building and need to expand or relocate your existing ministry. We can help you get the land you need.

The key to successful land acquisition is to find an experienced person that has incredible disregard for conventional thinking. When most people think about land acquisition, they get on to Zillow or start looking around for land that is for sale.

Our approach is: God made the planet. God made all the land and he can give you whatever property you need whether it is for sale or not. We find land that is suitable for your ministry and let God work out the details.

I prefer to go after land that is not for sale. There are a lot of reasons why that and you can read more about in this free e-book: ‘Creative Land Acquisition‘ at bradoaster.com. This resource will help you make wise decisions when looking for land.

After you have completed a Strategic Ministry Plan (SMP), you are ready to begin looking for land. (Before completing an SMP, you will not know how much land you need or what you will be putting on the property.)

Because you have already done Step One and created an SMP, you have an idea if you are going to be a:

  • Neighborhood church
  • Community church
  • Regional church
  • Megachurch
  • Continual church planter

When we start looking at a property, the first thing we want to know is how much land do we need? Understanding what size church you intend to be will clarify how much land you need to purchase.

Next, we look around town to see what areas are growing.  Because we identified our primary target when we did the SMP, we can find out where they live. That tells us what part of town to start looking at for land. Be sure to keep an open mind during your search.

God can do amazing things when looking for land. Let me tell you what He did at Superstition Springs Community Church in Gilbert Arizona. (They changed their name to Mission Church after identifying it as a barrier when we did the SMP.) They needed fifteen acres. When we went to the city building department and to the planning meetings, God did a miraculous thing there. You can read all about it here: Creative Land Acquisition.  At the end of the day, we got fifteen acres free and clear! It did not cost us a dime. We actually made about four hundred fifty thousand dollars when escrow closed on land that we could not afford. Does that sound impossible? We serve a God who specializes in impossible things.

We have had church clients buy property that they were able to get in escrow, and then turn around and subdivide the property. We would have a sale set up so that when we closed escrow on the property, we would immediately close on selling a piece of the property to someone else. We ended up with the property free and clear.

We have bought swamp land, absolutely useless wetlands, that we were able to trade for twenty acres of prime development land. You may wonder who would ever trade prime development land for useless swamp land? There were people who wanted it and the church ended up with a phenomenal deal!

If you are looking for a land, do not simply look on the M.L.S. or Zillow. We have developed an effective strategy that shows how God will supply the land you need, even if you appear to lack resources. A lot of the churches we work with did not have a dime for land but at the end of the day, God provided land for his people. He always does, He always will.

We can help you get prime land, too! Call me now at (719) 439-3019.

Creative Land Aquisiiton

Creative land acquisition

Download my ebook and learn how to buy land for your church expansion project like a land developer

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