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Church Building Resources – Moving Into A Permanent Building

Do you know how to get your church out of a school or temporary location and into a permanent church building of your own? One that is designed just for your ministry and the community you serve?

If you are a young church plant, you know the struggles that go with it: set up and take down every week, running out of volunteers, not having the space for ministry all week long. We specialize in helping young church plants get out of temporary facilities and into their own church building.

Download free e-books on bradoaster.com that will guide and teach you important steps about relocating including:

Creative Land Acquisition

Building  a first phase church project debt-free

Working with Architects and Builders

City Council and the City Planning Department interaction

I would love to spend time with you or your network to share some amazing things that we are seeing God do. Call me now at 719-439-3019.

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