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How Target Helped Prairie Lakes Get a New Church Building and Design

Pastor John Fuller needed to relocate the old First Baptist Church in Cedar Falls Iowa. We came up with the ten top sites in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area.

When I went over the list with John, he looked at one particular property and said,”I really feel like the church should be located here, I think this is the site for us.”

Unfortunately, it was a really bad site. It had rolling hills; there weren’t any utilities to it; the street improvement cost the city would require us to do was a huge cost. All of that would have to be done on top of buying the land and before we could build the building. There was also a million and a half worth of site work to bring the street all the way up to the new intersection, bring utilities from the street including water, sewer and gas. Everything was horribly expensive.

John was convinced that he felt in his spirit this was the property God had led him to. So we put that at the top of the list, and then ended up buying the property, knowing full well that it was going to cost a lot of money to develop it.

Here is what God knew that we did not know: Target bought the property right next to us – a forty acre site. It was not for a Target store, it was for a Target distribution center. As part of their development process they had to do all street improvement work between our properties, bring all the utilities right to our site; they had to do work that we thought we would get stuck with.

Target had to haul three hundred thousand cubic yards of dirt off of their site, and they had nowhere to put it. We were able to enter into a contract with their developer for one dollar for Target to put the dirt on our property and they would also grade our property – all forty acres of it – exactly to our development plan. At the end of the day

the church paid one dollar for one and a half million dollar’s worth of work

including street improvements, intersection lights, acceleration lamps, and all utilities for the entire site. Target even included grading a five thousand seat amphitheater. And we were able to put in several miles of geothermal piping that’s buried nine feet underground that helps to heat and cool the building. We did all of that for one dollar! It was all because John felt God was leading us to that property.

If you’re looking to acquire land, we can help. We can look at your needs and ask God for guidance and direction. Remember, what God has done for one church, He can do for another. Let us help you with your land acquisition.

Call me now at 719-439-3019 or visit our website BradOaster.com to learn more about land acquisition.

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