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It All Started With A Strategic Ministry Plan

Pastor Gene Barron of Valley View Christian Church in Littleton, Colorado wanted to take it to next level for the next ten years.

Gene and I met when he came to a seminar I did about fifteen years ago. When I asked the people attending –  mostly pastors –  “Look at the ministry you have had in the last ten years and how successful it has been; and then project that forward to the next ten years. If the next ten years look just like the last ten years, would you consider your ministry or your career as a pastor, to be a success?” Gene came up during the break and said, “No!” He said if the next ten years look like the last ten of his career, his ministry would be a failure. He told me that his ministry was to the same two hundred people that he had ministered to ten years ago and he asked for my help. We put together a Strategic Ministry Plan for the next ten years.

During the planning process we determined that most of the congregation was not coming from their neighborhood anymore. The people were now coming from further south in an area called Highlands Ranch. We spent quite a bit of time putting together the Strategic Ministry Plan, and afterwards we began looking to acquire property in Highlands Ranch. We found some land and we were able to plan to develop a new facility for the church.

Part of the Strategic Ministry Plan is figuring how to pay for the facility. The church had not yet blossomed or begun to grow. So to help pay for the facility, we designed an area into the building where we could put mini storage. It was in big basement area and we could fill it with mini storage units. We could also put in a daycare, which would bring in income. When we finished the building, the mortgage payments were completely covered by proceeds from the mini storage and daycare.

If you are looking to relocate your facility or take your ministry to the next level of reaching the lost,  you should put together a Strategic Ministry Plan. It has been more than ten years since we did the project for Valley View. Gene is retiring after growing the church to more than 900 people, many who have come to know the Lord and changed their lives. His ministry has been a phenomenal success.

Do you want the next ten years of your ministry to be the best years of your ministry career? Then let’s get started on a Strategic Ministry Plan now.

Call me now at 719-439-3019 or check out all of the help available to you on our website: bradoaster.com.

Thank you.

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