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Step 6 of Church Building – Fundraising Program

Today we are on Step 6 of our ten-step process that is designed to get you out of that temporary facility and into a permanent church building. Or maybe you have outgrown your building and need to either expand, redesign or relocate. This will help you.

Step 6 of your church building development is fundraising.

Buildings cost a lot of money and nobody likes to do fundraising, I guarantee it. I have seen a lot of different attempts at fundraising: the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no easy way to do it. It would be great if there was a to push a button and have money fall out of the sky, right? Fundraising takes a lot of work.

I have seen a lot of churches try to do it themselves; there are very few that can actually pull it off. The few that have pulled it off alone have previously used a fundraising professional, so they kind of learned how to do a campaign. If you have never done a fundraising campaign, I strongly suggest that you seek out an expert in the field to help you.

The whole fundraising business, in my opinion, is a bit of a money grab. It started back in 1968. There was a company called R.S.I. and three guys: Ben Guild, Darrel Rogers, and Charles Miller. These fellows worked for the Southern Baptist. They were given a task to come up with a fundraising campaign for all Southern Baptist churches. They came up with a plan called Time to Build that went on to be Together We Build. They started implementing it in Baptist churches all across the country. It was very successful.

Because the Baptists never copyrighted any of it, the three guys decided to make it available to all denominations. They formed R.S.I. They were kind of the 800-pound gorilla in the fundraising arena for a  long time. But they did not copyright their stuff either. So they would bring in consultants, the consultants would learn how to fundraise for churches, and eventually would think, “Wait a minute, I am doing all the work while they get all the money. Why don’t I start my own company?”

Today there are about 50 fundraising companies out there, all doing basically the same thing. It is the same program that was created for the Southern Baptists. It is from the same company that birthed R.S.I. and is the same basic pattern on how everything goes together.

When you look at different companies, keep in mind that there is not much difference between the companies. What it really comes down to is the consultant that you work with. Find out that consultant’s experience. Are they a good fit with your congregation? If you are a charismatic church and they send you very traditional fire and brimstone, a former Baptist preacher, that is not going to be a good fit?

You need to find a consultant that looks like they would fit right in at your church. Take the average person in your church and identify some common characteristics. You need to have a consultant that matches your church’s culture as closely as possible.

And don’t go cheap—there are a lot of people out there that market themselves as the cheapest solution. You will get what you pay for. There is no value in hiring a cheap consultant if they cannot raise the money you are trying to get.

My personal preference is a company called Generis. They have been at the top of the fundraising game for a long time. And they have some of the top consultants out there—Rusty Lewis or Robert Hopper would be my first choices. Currently, I am working with Robert for a church in Loveland, Colorado and he has done a phenomenal job. Previously, I have worked with him on projects all across the country, so I have a lot of confidence in his abilities. Robert and I met when I designed a facility for a church he was pastoring in Boise, Idaho we have become good friends. Rusty Lewis is a close second to Robert.

Give me a call so I can help you find a great consultant for your fundraising needs. I know a lot of fundraising companies and a lot of consultants out there and can recommend someone who can help you.

 Call me now at 719-439-3019. And download our free Ebooks here.

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