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Step 1 In Your Church Building – Developing Your Strategic Ministry Plan

Let’s zoom in on Step 1: Get your ministry out of that temporary facility and into a permanent church building.

Or you can get your ministry out of the facility that you have outgrown and into something big enough to facilitate the growth of your ministry!

Step one: Create a Strategic Ministry Plan (SMP) for your church building development.

An SMP will help answer who, what, where, when and why of your ministry. It will involve developing or honing your purpose, mission, vision, core values, goals, objectives, strategies, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and Return On Investment (ROI) of how you measure various ministries. Then you will know if each ministry is effective.

Here is why you need a Strategic Ministry Plan.

 Grace Church of Roseville in Roseville, Minnesota, just north of the twin cities. I was really impressed when I started working with them. They had an eight-acre campus with a fifty thousand square foot building and they were debt free, which is always nice. They had six full-time pastors, a million dollar annual operating budget. They were running a couple of services on Sunday mornings. About 800 people attended and it was crowded. When we tried to meet on a Wednesday night, the building was so crowded that we had to go across the street to Olive Garden for our meeting. There was literally no place for us to meet on campus. It was obvious that they needed to expand their building. It looked like a dynamic ministry.

In the foyer, they had a sign that gave the purpose statement of the church: “Grace Church of Roseville, Where Seekers Become Followers”. I thought was pretty cool. People who are seeking God would come to know Him at the church, then they would become followers of Christ. It all made sense.

To develop a Strategic Ministry Plan, you have to figure out where you are starting from. Like on a journey, if you are going to fly into New York that sounds great. But if you don’t know where you are at, you don’t know where to buy the ticket from. “Do I buy a ticket from California?” “Do I buy a ticket from Denver?” You have to know where you’re at to know where to start.

The first step in developing an SMP is to do a ministry analysis and find out exactly where you are at.

When we did this for Grace Church of Roseville. We looked at fifty-some different ministries and programs that were currently taking place on the campus each week or month. We were really surprised that after auditing the ministries over the past two years, we were only able to identify one woman who accepted Christ as her savior during that two year period. That is better than zero, right? At least they reached one person.

We had a meeting with the church leadership, including all the staff and the elders. We rolled out what we had discovered in the audit:

  • A million dollar operating budget times two years, so two million dollars
  • Six pastors working full time for two years
  • Two Easter programs
  • Two Christmas extravaganzas
  • One hundred four weekend services
  • A fifty thousand square foot building on eight acres
  • Paid for and valued at about ten million dollars
  •  As a result of all of that, they reached one person

It was really an eye-opener for the staff. (We referred to the woman as the two million dollar woman, because that is how much money the church went through in order to reach her.)

It was a very humbling to sit back and find out that “Grace Church or Roseville, Where Seekers Become Followers” was actually “Grace Church of Roseville, Where A Seeker Became A Follower”. That is why you need to do an SMP first, to figure out where you are.

So we created an SMP for Grace Church of Roseville. The first thing the pastor did when we told everybody what had happened was to shut down every ministry in the church. They continued to have church on the weekends but froze everything else. Then they completely rewrote how they did church.

The last time I checked in with them, over a one year period they had baptized more than two hundred people. The only reason that happened is that they looked at themselves and asked:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to go?
  • What needs to be fixed?
  • How do we retool?
  • How do we reinvent ourselves so Grace Church of Roseville is a place where Seekers Become Followers?

As a result, they changed the whole idea of how they were going to develop the expansion of the building. Because they took the time to assess who they were, they now have a dynamic ministry and they are making it hard to go to hell from Roseville, Minnesota.

Call me now at 719-439-3019 to get started on your Strategic Ministry Plan.

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