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Dave Ferguson’s Strategic Church Master Plan

I want to tell you about my friend, Dave Ferguson, at Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois.

I met him years ago when they were meeting at Naperville High School. Dave asked me to help them develop a Strategic Ministry Plan and to find and acquire some property. We had looked all around the Naperville area and it came down to two locations: a twenty-six-acre site behind the Post Building or a nine-acre site that was on the corner of Ogden Avenue and Rickert Drive. We went for the smaller site. They are about the same price, but we went for the nine-acre site because of the visibility and fabulous location it presented.

The building committee was concerned about the cost of creating a new church building in the Chicagoland area. (At that point I had not developed any buildings there.) They told me that buildings could cost a hundred fifty dollars per square foot or more. I did not think we had to spend that much money, so I went to a suburb of Chicago – Rockford – to Rockford Structures. They had just completed Rockford Christian School and had done it for remarkably less than what the folks in Naperville expected to spend. I brought the entire building team to Rockford. We met with Rockford Structures at Rockford Christian School. We toured the building, looked at the site, the landscaping, and everything that was involved in that project. Then I had the owner of Rockford Structures tell Dave and his team what they spent on that school building. The cost was fifty-nine dollars a square foot, including site work and everything. (Obviously that was a while ago and we do not see costs that low today.)

Dave Ferguson and the team were pretty excited! We went back and designed a new facility for them. We used a local architectural firm and Rockford Structures came down to build it. It was a phenomenal success. To date, Dave Ferguson has a mega church with six or seven satellite campuses in addition to the one we designed for them. At the original facility on the corner of Ogden and Rickert, they built several additions and are making it impossible to get the hell from the Naperville area.

We can help you like we helped Community Christian Church. Call me now at 719-439-3019 or visit my website bradoaster.com.

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