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Creative Land Acquisition the Sam Walton And Walmart Way

Let’s look at how to find great sites for your church, just like the ones we have found for our ministry partners.

Usually, you call a realtor and look up the MLS listings to find land for sale. Honestly, that is the last option that you want to try. Land that is for sale has a lot of drawbacks. It has a realtor representing the owner, right? Realtors are commission-driven, so all they are thinking about is selling the property to get a good commission check. The more the property sells for, the more money they get.
Also, when somebody lists their property with a realtor, they already have a price in mind that they want to get in the sale. Even though they do not have the cash yet, they are already mentally spending the money. For example, if Farmer Jones is going to sell you his property for half a million dollars, he is expecting to receive five hundred thousand dollars to give to his kids and to use for investments. Do you see how he is already doing something with it in his mind? It is hard to get somebody to give you their property when you are asking them to give up their dreams.
I learned that it is good to acquire phenomenally great property like Sam Walton always did. When Walmart was growing exponentially across the United States, Sam used a Cessna 172 to find land. Sam would fly his airplane around the community where he wanted to develop a new Walmart, looking for growing areas. He checked on where new streets were going in, how far out the utilities were being laid and where there was new construction. Then he would look just beyond that to farm properties. After he landed his plane, he would drive out to the farmland he had spotted. Sam would literally knock on the door and say, “Hi, I’m Sam Walton, and I’d like to buy your property.” He would purchase  20, 30 or 40 acres from someone who had never even thought about selling it.

That is exactly what we do when we are looking to acquire property. We assess where people in your congregation live now and which way new growth is happening in the community.

As pilots, Kim and I have found many pieces of property for churches like yours all across the country. We often take pastors flying around with us and look for property like Sam Walton did: we land the plane, take the pastor and go knock on someone’s door to ask if they would consider donating their property to the church. Sometimes the answer is yes! Many times the answer is, “Well, I can’t give it to you, but I can give it to you for what farmland costs.” That is always good because farmland is pretty cheap.

If you are looking for land, let us do it the creative way! Call me now at 719-439-3019 so we can come out and help you find the property of your dreams at a price you can afford.

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